Our Sensei

Bob DobrowBobBo

Sensei Bob Dobrow began his karate training in New York City in 1984 under Hanshi Robert Scaglione. Sensei Dobrow is the former Shihan of the Ueshiro Northfield Shorin-Ryu Karate Dojo, founded in 2008. He is a practitioner of the roku-shaku bo (six-foot wooden staff). He was promoted to the rank of Yon-Dan (fourth degree Black Belt) in May 2016.

Sensei Dobrow is the the founder/owner of Zenith Bookstore in Duluth, Minnesota


Steve Hatle

Sensei Steve Hatle began training in 2008 under Sensei Bob Dobrow. Sensei Hatle became the Shihan (director) of the Northfield dojo in 2017 after Sensei Dobrow relocated to Duluth Minnesota. He was promoted to San-Dan (third degree Black Belt) in July of 2021.

Sensei Hatle lives in Northfield, and is married to Jeanne. He is an Principal Systems Analyst at Pearson/VUE in Bloomington, MN.

Scott Sijan

Scott_BioSempai Scott Sijan began training in 2011 under Sensei Bob Dobrow. He was promoted to Ni-Dan (second degree Black Belt) in July of 2021.

Sempai Sijan lives in Lakeville and is married to Kathy, with two children Devin and Kelsey. He is a Senior Account Manager at Givaudan Flavors based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


Guy Lawrence

Sempai Guy Lawrence begin training in January 2012, with his daughter Bella, under Sensei Bob Dobrow. He was promoted to Ni-Dan in July of 2021.
Sempai Guy lives in Northfield with his wife Julie, and 2 daughters Kaitlyn and Bella.
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